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Outaouais 43, Rimouski 14

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 15:35

La Revue has a fairly lengthy article about the Cegep de l’Outaouais’ win in Rimouski which, if you read French, you can view here.  Here is a translation of a brief scoring summary.

Rimouski had a 7-1 regular season record going into this game, making the tilted score all the more impressive.

Following a safety, he (quarterback Nicolas Beaumont) hit Marc-Olivier Martin from 24 yards out in the endzone, prior to the end of the first quarter.  He completed another touchdown through the air in the fourth quarter when Mathieu Bradley caught a 36-yard pass.

Running back Isaac Lauzon scored two other touchdowns, both on the ground (runs of one and 40 yards).   Kicker Félix Daigneault rcorded a field goal 34 yards, while the defense registered nine points including a touchdown on an interception return by Simon Dufour.

The Griffons now take another shot at Valleyfield (7-1) next Saturday afternoon in a semi-final game.  They lost to Valleyfield 36-17 in the first weekend of the season but defeated them on October 20th, in overtime, by a score of 30-23.

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Philemon-Wright 35, Hormisdas-Gamelin 24

Sun, 10/28/2012 - 16:18

The Philemon-Wright Falcons are once again RSEQ Juvenile champs following a defeat of the Hormisdas-Gamelin Tigers yesterday afternoon.  Benoit Sabourin for Le Bulletin breaks it down a bit.

For the fourth time in six years, the Falcons will represent the Ottawa region at the Bol d’Or on November 17th.  The event will take place at Sylvain-Prémont Stadium in Quebec.

If the Hormisdas-Gamelin Tigers hoped to chase away old demons, they faced doing so against one Michael Arruda at the top of his gam.  The Falcons’ star QB impressively managed his offensive unit not only through the air but also on the ground.  So impressive that the Falcons led 15-00 ten mintes intot he first quarter.

The Tigers’ ground game enabled Michel Roy’s team to remain in the game, particularly Mikael Dumaine who managed several scores after a number of quality runs.  Unfortunately for the top-ranked team in the division this year, none of their 2-point conversion attempts were successful during the game.

With only 6:43 left on the clock in the fourth quarter, Hormisdas-Gamelin defense forced a fumble which could have drastically affected the outcome of the game.  The Tigers offence, however, was unable to take advantage.

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Brad Watters offers a lesson (sort of) about commitment in ownership

Sun, 10/14/2012 - 13:19

For the most part, it’s been quite pleasant to hear from former members of the Renegades and Rough Riders about the return of the CFL to Ottawa.  In other cases, you can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Never mind Obby Khan grom from saying, as recently as this April, that no one cares about football in Ottawa to suddenly stating that the city loves football.  And ignore the many articles in the Ottawa Sun in regards to Lonie Glieberman because he has nothing of value to contribute anyway.

Let’s hear from Brad Watters offering marketing advice to Jeff Hunt.  The following quotes are lifted from this Le Droit article.

“We invested a lot of resources towards marketing in Gatineau during our first years.  At the end of the second year, we had gained a record number of 22 seasons ticket holders.”

“People will only head towards the stadium if the Montreal Alouettes are in town.  They won’t come if it isn’t the Alouettes.”

“Several bar owners would tell us that they didn’t want to support us.  They were disappointed to be in our territory.  They wanted to air Alouettes games in the establishment and not the Renegades.”

I was discussing this with a friend yesterday upon our return from the Gee-Gees game.  He and I had attended games in Toronto and Hamilton during the Renegades years.  And for the next two seasons or so, we received ticket offers from those clubs.

Why?  Because from the point of view of those clubs, if we did it once, we might want to do it again.  And maybe the next season we’ll go twice instead of just once.  Or maybe we’ll bring family and/or friends.  It’s worth the cost of postage to try to lure us there again.

The Renegades, however, couldn’t be bothered to try to convert a market just a bridge away.  Instead, they conceded defeat to a team from out of town. A team which has continued to sell themselves across the river because they understand the concept of cultivating a market, as opposed to expecting it to flock to you just because you exist.

This is the type of behaviour that people refer to when they say that Ottawa has not had dedicated ownership in ages.  Recent owners here have not displayed the patience to work through a tough situation.  Those same Alouettes at one time averaged under 10,000 fans a game.  With the likes of Watters at the helm, that team might not be around today, either.

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Gee-Gees 61, Waterloo 00

Sun, 10/14/2012 - 10:23

Well, THAT’S a bit more like it…   Here’s the bulk of the recap from the Gee-Gees website.

…The Gee-Gees got off to the best start they could have possibly asked for as rookie receiver/returner Vincent Campbell returned the opening kickoff 107 yards for a stunning touchdown. Campbell found a hole in the Warriors’ kickoff coverage and used his speed to get into the endzone virtually untouched. Just like that, Ottawa led 7-0 after 15 seconds of play. This was uOttawa’s first kickoff return for a touchdown since 2006, when Justin Wood-Roy had a 49-yard return for a touchdown against Laurier. Less than five minutes later, the Gee-Gees added to the lead after fourth-year running back Brendan Gillanders scored on a 59-yard touchdown out of the double-wing formation.

uOttawa’s defence also had a strong first quarter, snuffing out every single Warriors’ offensive drive with ease. Fourth-year defensive back Soonbum Cha had a 38-yard interception return which set up another rushing touchdown from Gillanders. Ottawa had a commanding 21-0 lead after the first quarter.

Ottawa’s lead ballooned to 30-0 after the Warriors conceded a safety and Gillanders had his third touchdown of the contest, early in the second quarter. Gillanders ran to the outside and simply outran Waterloo’s defenders for a 95-yard touchdown run, his third of the game. He finished with 246 rushing yards and four touchdowns.

With 5:53 left in the second quarter, (Matt) Falvo hit a 35-yard field goal to tie the all-time OUA record. And after fifth-year linebacker Tyler Sawyer recovered a Warriors fumble, Gillanders scored his fourth touchdown of the contest. Ottawa led 40-0 at the half.

After the intermission, Ottawa’s passing offence got on track with Campbell catching a 48-yard pass from fourth-year quarterback Aaron Colbon for a touchdown. Colbon then ran in a score himself later in the quarter. And the Gee-Gees defence preserved the shutout in a 61-0 win.

Some random rambling…

If the Lees facility is similar to Beckwith, I would be perfectly happy with that.  I recall questioning why Myers Riders would play a game out there and was told then that it was at least partially because the facility was quite good.  I get that a bit better now.  Having the bleachers elevated is a nice feature.  I don’t know what the actual attendance number was, but the atmosphere was certainly better than the one achieved from having 3000 people in 10,000-capacity stands.

Also, It’s fan pettiness showing through, but I thoroughly enjoyed how the result raised a firm middle finger to two coaches I detest.  Yeah, yeah, by all accounts Paopao is a great guy…I admit that there are some aspects of his time here as Renegades coach that caused me to question that, but that’s speculatory.  Not only do I think Etcheverry is a terrible coach, but throughout his short tenure, he came off as arrogant despite a clear lack of success which has now been underscored dramatically.

Sure, the two wins came against the bottom half of the OUA, but this same team also lost to York.  Bring on Western; the results of that game will be more indicative of where the program actually stands.

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Coyotes 34, Knights 22

Sat, 10/13/2012 - 19:43

I have no idea what is going on with the high school season this year.  As I write this, this week’s games are the last to appear in the regular season schedule on

Whatever format the season is taking, St. Francis Xavier’s defeat of St. Peter on Thursday was still noteworthy.  I tried to remember the last time St. Peter lost in the regular season but it wouldn’t come to me.  Fred Sherwin, for Orleans Online, cleared it up.

…The Knights started out strong enough, scoring on a one yard run by Jacob Molinski after the Knights’ QB connected with Tyrone Pierre on long pass inside the red zone.

The Coyotes tied the score early in the second quarter when quarterback John Bolzanello hit Dimitri Vaillancourt over the middle and the elusive back scampered through the Knights’ secondary for the major.

Unfazed, St. Peter answered back with their second touchdown of the game on a 25-yard pass from Molinski to Jaylen King.

The momentum would swing back in the Coyotes favour on the very next series when Bolzanello completed a long pass inside the five yard line that set up a two-yard touchdown plunge by Nathaniel Hamlin. A missed extra point attempt, however, left them trailing the Knights 14-13.

St. Francis would wipe out the deficit on a highlight reel punt return by Vaillancourt late in the quarter to give the Coyotes a 20-14 halftime lead.

The Coyotes would add to their lead with a pair of touchdowns in the third quarter. Hamlin scored his second touchdown of the game on a one-yard plunge up the middle to put the Coyotes up 27-14 and then Vaillancourt hauled in an 85-yard long bomb from Bolzanello to put the game out of reach.

A string of turnovers by both teams and a terrible decision by Bolzanello would set up the Knights third touchdown of the game. The Coyotes’ pivot was about to give up a safety on third and 10 on the five-yard line when he inexplicably threw the ball away.

After the change of possession, Molinski ran the ball in from the three yard line and then added a two point conversion to cut the deficit to 34-22.

A poorly executed onside kick would eliminate any hope of a miracle comeback and the game ended with St. Francis handing the Knights their first regular season loss in five years.

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“U of O add to Gee-Gees football coaching staff”

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 21:23

Let’s store the summary of today’s Gee-Gees coaching appointments which, somewhat peculiarly, do not include a head coach, but retain an assistant to one.

…Cory McDiarmid remains in his role as Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator. McDiarmid has held that role since joining the team for the 2011 season. Joel Lipinski remains in his role as defensive backs coach, while David Jackson will assume responsibility for the defensive front seven.

Marcus Adams, who played defensive tackle for eight seasons in the CFL, remains with the team but is seeing his role change. Adams had been working solely with the offensive linemen since joining the team in August; he will now work as an assistant coach for both the offensive and defensive lines.

Filling Adams’ spot as the primary offensive line coach will be Kyle Kirkwood. Kirkwood played left tackle for four seasons with the Gee-Gees from 2003 to 2006, winning a Yates Cup with the team before being selected by the B.C. Lions in the 2007 CFL draft.

Other newcomers on the offensive coaching staff are also notable Gee-Gee alumni. All-Canadian receiver Cyril Adjeitey (2006-10), Matt Edgeworth (2003-07), and Tyler Aldercotte (2004-07) will join the team in part time capacities to work with the wide receivers. Aldercotte held the role of receivers coach during the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Wayne Jacobs remains with the team as quarterbacks coach.

Corey Goff, who joined the Gee-Gees last season, continues as offensive coordinator. Rounding out the primary coaching staff, Luigi Constanzo will continue to oversee the Special Teams unit, while switching his secondary role from linebackers coach to the running backs. David Miller-Johnston is also continuing with the kickers.

An awful lot of indians and no chief, yet this is the most confident of a win I’ve been this year.  The team travels to Toronto this Saturday to play the Blues at 1PM.  Let’s see what happens.

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Sooners 47, Braves 27

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 21:49

The Ottawa Sooners have become a bright spot in what has been largely a dismal fall football season locally.

The first article that is partially copied below is from

…The Sooners will travel to Hamilton to face the Hurricanes this coming Saturday night, seeking not only to claim a spot in the OFC final a week later, but also to avenge a two-point loss in Week 2 of the schedule.

“I’m actually very happy with how we’ve been playing,” quarterback Jesse Mills said. “I think if we play the calibre that we can play, we can match up well against any team in this country.”

Against the Braves, Mills completed 13 of 19 pass attempts for 307 yards and four touchdowns, increasing his season total to 11. He also threw one interception, his fifth of the year.

“I think we’re being a lot more disciplined, offensively and defensively,” Mills said. “We’ve cut down the penalties a huge amount, and I think we’re executing really well on offence, as well.”

Mills may be the Sooners’ most indispensable player, but the status of kicker Andrew Banerjee could also be a concern going into the semifinal against the Hurricanes. Banerjee finished Saturday’s game with an ice pack on one leg and watching linebacker Zach Hamilton handle both converts and punts.

Head coach Matt Murfitt said Banerjee’s situation would be reassessed as the week progressed.

After those three consecutive losses to kick off the season, Murfitt said, coaches told Sooners players they would probably have to win all five remaining games to qualify for the playoffs, and they did, even if they allowed the Braves to hang around longer than necessary.

“The guys knew what was needed, and they knew it was a win that was needed,” Murfitt said. “The margin of victory didn’t matter, and I think that kind of played against us (Saturday). We’re going to refocus next week and get more into the game against our next opponent.”

The Sooners earned 3rd place by virtue of outscoring the St-Leonard Cougars by one point in their series, dropping that team to 4th place.  It is conceivable then that if both win, the Cougars will drop by Carleton for a Sooners home playoff game.  That would be a can’t miss game; those teams usually put on a hell of a show when they meet.

Let’s get a little more detailed with the scoring (this time from the Ottawa Sun).

Dechaun Beals scored early on a pass from Jesse Mills and Riley Baines scored on an interception return as the Sooners took an early 15-0 lead.

Matt Chartier scored two TDs, with Marc Noel and Dexter Brown scoring one each for the Sooners.

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Almonte 20 @ St. Johns 07 (Sept 18th)

Mon, 09/24/2012 - 19:20

Still catching up…

The following is a game recap provided by Chris Lethbridge.   Chris knew that I struggled to obtain information about the Lanark Renfrew league(s) so he kindly offered to provide the information.  His recaps also appear on the Almonte Thunderbolts website including their 21-00 win over Perth this past Friday.

St. John’s scored a meaningless touchdown on the last play of the game which were their only points of the day, as the Sr. Thunderbolts beat the Spartans 20-7 in the first game of the 2012 season. Wes Mann scored 3 touchdowns (2 rushing TDs, 1 TD reception), rushing for 145 yards on 12 carries.  Jake Kargus added 49 yards on 6 carries, while Quarterback Brett Mosley completed all 4 of his passes for a total of 49 yards.

After fumbling the ball and turning it over on their first possesion, the bolts ended the scoreless game with a 102 yard drive, capped of by Wes Mann taking it 63 yards to the endzone. With time winding down in the 1st half, Ben Kealey blocked a punt giving Almonte great field position to put up more points before halftime. A 13 yard reception from Parker Bolton, followed by a 25 yard reception from Jake Kargus, put the Bolts inside the 5 yard line. On the next play Mosley found Mann wide open in the flats and he ran it into the endzone giving Almonte a 13-0 lead at the half.

Two more turnovers in the second half kept the Bolts from putting the game away, but midway through the 4th quarter Mann ran it to the endzone again, this time with a 36 yard run.

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Griffons earn their first victory

Sat, 09/22/2012 - 12:14

I’m playing catch up here.  I’ve been away the last few weekends, usually returning around mid or late afternoon on the Sunday and scrounging around for scores.

And as ever, I have an inexplicable tendency to forget about the Cegep de l’Outaouais Griffons.  It’s getting better; I remembered to check the first two weeks they played, both games that ended with losses.  But the week I forget is the week in which they notch their first “W”.  Figures.

The article below is a translated version of the Antony Da Silva-Casimiro one for La Revue.

The Cegep de l’Outaouais Griffons exploded in the second half Saturday to record their first win of the season again the Indians from Ahuntsic by a score of 35-17.

However, the victory was not easily achieved despite facing an opponent that is considered weaker than their previous ones.  Head Coach Denis Piché had to deal with a couple of missing starters on defence as well as injured players on offense, notably Julien Choquette and Mathieu Bradley.

The third quarter belonged to running back Isaac Lauzon.  With the score tied at 14, he gave his team the lead back, scoring on a 30-yard pass play from quarterback Nicolas Beaumont.

He later added another score to his stats sheet through a 15-yard run.  Before the end of the third quarter, the defense recovered the ball on the 40 yard line and number 28 crossed the goal line a few moments later.

In the first half, the quarterbacks each accounted for a touchdown.   Beaumont hit Félix Tessier-Waddell for a 30-yard pass in the first quarter and Jesse Schoenfeldt did the same with Oumar Touré from about 120 yards out.

The Griffons are at home (Complexe Sportif Mont Bleu) this Saturday evening and next. Kickoff is at 7PM.

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High School Football Structure for 2012

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 23:40

I became more interested in amateur ball when the business side of pro ball started to take the fun out of the game.

Instead, we see the high school football season put in jeopardy because of a teacher protest over anti-strike legislation.  Lovely.

I’m going to quote a very small part of this Sun article which basically tells us what to expect.

The high school football season will go ahead. It’s believed four teams will compete at the Tier 1 level — likely St. Mark, St. Matthew, St. Peter and St. Francis Xavier. It looks like there will be two Tier 2 divisions of six teams each. It’s believed the season won’t begin until at least Sept. 25.

St. FX would be new to Tier 1 after a 6-0 season in 2011 in Tier 2.  Presumably Franco-Cité, a Tier 1 team last year, would return to Tier 2.

The article lists several schools which did not register any sports clubs.  Among them is South Carleton, which participated in Tier 2 last year.

Two schools registered teams in every sports, Glebe and Colonel By, so we can expect them among the 12.

In terms of numbers, a 4-team Tier 1 and 12-team Tier 2 is actually no different than last year’s structure.  Every year sees teams come and go so the question becomes whether there will be significantly more or less of this type of activity this fall.  Hopefully is updated soon so we know who, exactly, is participating.

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