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Capital Wave Water Polo Club


Ride the Wave

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Capital Wave’s water polo programs:
designed for fun and fitness for ages 6 to 60!

Development Programs focus on
•    Skills training
•    Basic strokes
•    Ball handling and rules of the game
•    Improve your swimming skills and participate in fun fast local scrimmages

Take it to the next level!

Competitive Programs
•    Advanced skills training
•    Team play
•    Game strategy
•    Athletes compete in full contact competitive water polo. Developing the individual and team skills required to compete in provincial, national, and international competitions.

The Programs

Water Polo Initiation
•    Boys and girls aged 6 to 12 learn the basics of the sport and play supervised contact scrimmages.
Practice 2-3 times a week.
Development (14U)
•    Athletes 14 years and under focus on advancing individual skills, game sense, and team strategies. Athletes participate at the provincial level.
Practice 3-4 times a week.
Competitive 16U and 18U
•    Athletes 16 and 18 years and under focus on mastering individual skills, and team play. Athletes participate in provincial and national level competitions.
Practice 4-5 times a week. 
(Athletes in this age group who do not wish to follow the competitive stream may participate in two practices per week at 50% of the competitive fee.)

Adult and Active for Life
•    Designed for adults new to the sport and those who have some experience in the game, as well as 18U graduates who want to continue playing at a non-competitive level. The program is offered twice a week for adults who want to have fun playing a team sport in the pool.

What is Water Polo?

“The stamina of a marathon, the contact of hockey, the strategy of chess”

A popular international sport, water polo is recognized as one of the most demanding team sports. Teams consist of six players and a goalie. Game play involves swimming, treading water, passing a ball (about the size of volleyball), and scoring by getting the ball into the opponent’s net. Water polo was among the first team sports to be introduced into the modern Olympics, in 1900.


Capital Water

A Capital WAVE starts from calm water and takes the energy of a lot of smaller waves in order to build into something impressive and powerful. Our club is made up of younger and older athletes, competitive and recreational players, parents and community members. The energy of each and every one of our club members contributes to the viability and sustainability of the club. No 'one' is more important than another. The WAVE represents our collective energy and spirit. We are a strong community and together we build strong competitors both in and out of the pool.

Come and Join our Community

•    Do you love to swim but are tired of swimming lessons?

•    Do you like to play team sports and want to try one that’s played in water?

•    Do you want to stay fit, have fun, make lifelong friends, and experience new challenges?

•    Are you looking to join a club that offers something for both athletes and their families?

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