Athletes from all sports can work with Olympic champ Glenroy Gilbert at Holiday Season Speed Development Clinic


Glenroy Gilbert.

By Ottawa Sportspage, For Golden Form Fitness

The man who coached the Canadian men’s relay team to an Olympic medal in 2016 – the first time our country stepped on the 4×100-metre podium since he stood at the top himself in 1996 – is bringing his expertise back to the grassroots with a holiday camp in Ottawa.

Glenroy Gilbert will lead speed development clinics at Ben Franklin Dome between Dec. 22 to Jan. 4.

“I don’t want to lose touch with the young people,” signals Gilbert, who also serves as Athletics Canada’s head coach. “I like coaching. I like dealing with young people. This is what I do.”

Athletes from all sports are welcome to attend between 1 to 5 hour-long sessions where Gilbert will work with them on agility, body posture, movement patterns and what they should feel while accelerating. The small group format will ensure each participant gets their own individualized attention.

“Speed is the one thing that athletes lack in all sports,” indicates Gilbert, who’s worked with athletes from soccer, basketball and football amongst many others. “If we can work on it and give them cues on how to develop the speed and the right sprint mechanics, that will only help them down the road.”

See for more information and to register.

Speed Development Clinic-10


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