Unsung Hometown Heroes: Hannah Martensen boosts girls’ baseball in the capital

With City of Ottawa Sports Commissioner Mathieu Fleury

This week I had the opportunity to meet with Hannah Martensen, a former National team baseball athlete who grew up in Ottawa pitching in a mixed baseball league.

Due to lack of opportunities in Ottawa, she also spent time in Toronto to access an elite women’s baseball program. After her professional career in baseball, Hannah continues to remain engaged in the community by encouraging young girls to be involved in the sport of baseball.

2018 was the first year Ottawa had a girls-only baseball league, and Hannah continues to help the sport grow by organizing clinics and tournaments to support young girls and their passion for baseball.

With the help of these efforts, over 50 girls from the ages of 7-9 have been able to access this sport.

With these efforts ongoing, Hannah, as Co-Chair, is also focused on the upcoming 2019 U21 Women’s Invitational Championships being held at RCGT Park from August 1st-4th.

Council, Councillors, Head Shot, Official, Portrait, Mathieu Fleury

This is a first time experience for Ottawa with provincial teams competing from all over Canada including Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The tournament website: 21uwomen.baseball.ca

The future is exciting for women’s baseball. Efforts like Hannah’s show young women that there are opportunities for girls to participate, grow and succeed while playing baseball.

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