Highly-touted water polo prospect a fish out of water


By Laura Nelson

The new coronavirus brought about significant and sudden changes for all, and for Mackenzie Greco it meant the abrupt end to her final year of high school and the premature conclusion of her season in the pool.

The 18-year-old Greco plays water polo competitively with the Capital Wave Water Polo Club, who she previously co-captained a team with to win a national silver medal, when she played at the U16 level. Soon, she’ll advance to a spot on the water polo team at Marist College, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where she will also study athletic training.

“It will be a huge change,” Greco said. “I am ecstatic, and my mind was blown that I was accepted, and the coach liked me.”

While she plans in the fall to attend the college, which recently announced a number of changes to how classes will be taught because of COVID-19, she’s also preparing for having to spend her first year of university studying online.

The coronavirus, however, hasn’t stopped Greco’s dedication to her sport, as she’s continued training and doing cardio four to five times a week during the pandemic.

“I have tried to stay positive for my friends and family to get through this together and be ready to get back in the pool,” Greco said.

More recently, Greco was finally able to return to the water. After being out of the pool for two-and-a-half months through the early spring, she’s been able to practise at a friend’s property, which is lakefront.

“The first month was hard for me not being in the pool, (it’s) my safe place, and it’s where I can forget about all my problems,” Greco said.

She said the cancellations of season-ending tournaments was “heartbreaking,” given that she wasn’t able to follow through with competing for a championship with her teammates.

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