Coach using widening influence to promote higher education, opportunities for disadvantaged youth

St. Matthew High School head football coach Jean-Sorphia Guillaume has always strived to help his players make it to the next level, but that’s never been his main goal.
That pursuit is one much greater: supporting the dreams of his student-athletes, especially those who are Black or come from other groups considered minorities in Canada.

Hometown Heroes: Running on ice – Running Room’s Phil Marsh offers up the best tips to keep running this winter

As the temperature begins to drop, so do many of our outdoor options for exercise – snow has a tendency to make it harder to do many of our favourite activities, and with the addition of the COVID-19 pandemic, options become even more limited to what type of activities individuals are able to do. Skiing, snowboarding, skating – there are multiple options – but one long time runner and Running Room Regional Manager, Phil Marsh said a new hobby that many have picked up in the spring is one that does not need to be dropped the minute the temperature goes below zero.

Coping with COVID: Return to play formulas the next challenge for Ottawa sports organizations

By Charlie Pinkerton Local sports clubs are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel with an adjusted return to training, though the path forward in a world with COVID-19 continues to provide plenty of bumps (as detailed in’s May 13 web story). Below are some snapshots of how various Ottawa…

Les expériences de deux filles en sports dominés par les hommes leurs inspirent à écrire un livre sur des femmes canadiennes remarquables

Par Martin Laruelle Read this story in English here. La famille LeVasseur va écrire un nouveau livre. Prévu dans les prochains mois, il touchera sur les femmes canadiennes. C’est un récent travail en famille qu’ils nous proposent et permet d’en apprendre plus sur le féminisme à Ottawa et dans le reste du pays. Ce n’est…