Team Canada volleyball player’s globetrotting has doubled as an exploration of what it means to be Black

Shaïnah Joseph’s experience as a Black athlete has varied. Joseph is a member of Canada’s national women’s volleyball team. Her playing career has taken her all around the world. She was raised by her Black aunt and white uncle in Ottawa, which she says gave her a different experience on race than someone raised by two Black parents.

Confronting social issues head-on, Pam Buisa is getting the master class she never asked for

When Pam Buisa first started working at the front desk of a hotel in Victoria 10 months ago, she couldn’t have predicted the learning experiences she’d gain from it.
The Team Canada rugby player has been doing much more than answering phones and checking people into rooms ever since the province she now calls home converted a number of hotels in the city into housing for the homeless at the start of the pandemic.

SOLO GO AT TOKYO: Compounded by the loss of carding funds, shot putter’s Olympic hunt is self-driven to the max

Tim Nedow’s quest for the Tokyo Olympics is the ultimate solitary pursuit. That was the case before the pandemic, and it’s doubly true now. The Ottawa Lions Track-and-Field Club shot putter was on track to throw in front of 68,000 fans at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium this month. Instead, he’s often quite literally the only person training inside the stadium at Terry Fox Athletic Facility.