Le camp multisports au Dôme Louis-Riel – parfait pour les jeunes athlètes enthousiastes

Par Dôme Louis-Riel Est-ce que votre jeune athlète a de la difficulté à choisir seulement un sport ? Il aura l’option de pratiquer une multitude de sports au camp d’été du Dôme Louis-Riel ! Laissez-le explorer toutes ses passions sportives — soccer, badminton, natation, volley-ball, basketball, football, athlétisme, et beaucoup d’autres ! « Les participants peuvent essayer…

Dome LR’s multi-sport camp the place to be for sports-loving kids

By Dome Louis-Riel Does your young athlete have trouble choosing just one sport? They can have it all at the Dome Louis-Riel’s Multi-Sport Summer Camp! Let them explore all their sports passions – soccer, badminton, swimming, volleyball, basketball, touch football, track & field, and many more! The camps align with Sport Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development…

15-year-old claims senior national swim silver

There’s not much for a competitive swimmer to think about once they’re standing on the pool deck with their hours and days and weeks of training behind them. There’s no strategy or game planning at play in the moment; the sole imperative is to get in the zone. And so with headphones on, flowing pump-up music into her ears, Regan Rathwell prepared to dive into a pool next to girls as many as five years her senior.

Lifetime Ottawa Sports Awards winners named

Just because they’re given an award – or another award, in the case of many of this year’s Ottawa Sports Awards lifetime award recipients – doesn’t mean everything is all of a sudden going to be about them. A lifetime of dedication to sport instills certain selflessness, morals and principles, at least two of this year’s headlining winners agree, and it’s just that that they’ve spent so much time trying to pass along to others.